Our mission and vision

Our mission is to protect the diversity of our environment and quality of life, now and for future generations.

Our vision is that today’s generation will hand over a more technologically advanced, biodiverse and livable Planet Earth to the next generation.


Our goals

Connect, Collaborate and Learn – we collaborate with people from all walks of life and origin, including organizations and businesses with a different view on issues such as water and energy conservation or climate change. Learning with and from one another is how we build partnerships.

Develop, Apply and Improve – we support local project developers, municipalities, communities and end-users seeking reliable and proven green solutions and processes. Our focus lies on the selection of best available systems, constant improvement, and adaptation to local requirements to achieve highest customer satisfaction.

Engage, Encourage and Empower – we back-up organizations and employees willing to explore new ways by transferring skills, tools and providing access to technology experts, pilot plants, demonstration centers or clusters of excellence. Our support goes to all involved project stakeholders.

Build, Transform and Conserve — by creating livable communities with efficient resource use and protecting green and blue spaces. We support traditional industries and workforce in the change process and work to ensure that all generations enjoy the right to live in a healthy environment.



Greentech Avenue Environmental Services Inc. aims to be a trusted leader in providing high quality green energy products and environmental services. We specialize in providing technical expertise and services in Clean Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment. Our main focus lies on topics such as Canada’s ‘Northern Development’ and ‘Green Metropolises’ in the United States. Our core competencies are the identification, evaluation, adaptation, transfer and implementation of reliable green technologies, services and high quality components with low costs and substantial benefits to the end-user seeking highest durability, safety and performance.

To learn more about Greentech Avenue, please contact mail@greentechavenue.com.