Export Advisory Services

Our services support Canadian, and all other international companies and organizations to access the European union. No matter if you are considering the improvement of your export plan or the establishment of your representative office, we can help.

Greentec Ave. enjoys strong business relationships with a range of European partners. Among them are, sales agents, distributors, office space suppliers, legal advisers, commodity buyers, marketing-, event- and exhibition companies, funding agencies, technology centers or financial institutions whose specific skills complement and enhance your offer.

To establish a strong, local market presence in e.g. Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart and to deliver your goods and services to close by European countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and additional countries, we support you to become ‘market-ready’. By this we mean:

  • custom market research, feasibility studies
  • review of your business plan, sales strategy and implementation plan
  • assessment of risk and mitigation strategies
  • identification and selection of selling partners

Another focus of our consultancy services is the effective implementation of your sales strategy.

‘Knowing your market, knowing your competitors and knowing your customers is of greatest importance’. Whether you sell directly or through partners, you must visit your target markets and clients. as your consultant we are happy to get involved and to back you up on a practical level, working with you and your clients on specific issues until we achieve success. By this we mean:

  • business travels to target markets to meet with clients, partners or local attorneys
  • supporting you at trade fairs and network events
  • adaptation of marketing tools
  • providing contacts and export sales leads
  • support in the generation of first export orders
  • support in service and after-sales

Exporting to the European union is an excellent way to grow your business and offers a large variety of opportunities. Numerous grant funding options and financing programs exist. Our goal is to expand your core activities and be part of your business case in Europe. By this we mean:

  • insight on export financing options, programs
  • support in grant funding applications
  • investigation on property rights, patent issues
  • support in transportation routings and shipment
  • start and buildup of a branch, relocation of a distribution unit to mainland Europe

As trade consultants we can advise and assist you on all aspects of foreign marketing. Through research of European regulations, we can help you assess commercial risks. we can also conduct feasibility studies for the sale of manufacturing rights, the qualification of joint venture partners, the location and construction of projects, integration of local manufacturing facilities and service partners, and the establishment of a branch. We ensure that implementation is smooth and that any challenges that arise are dealt with effectively.

We have helped companies across industry sectors, and while we would never claim to know everything about everything everywhere, we generally know someone who can point you in the right direction. If you would like to know more, please email or pick up the phone.

To learn more about services and solutions related to the topic of "Export Advisory Services", please contact mail@greentechavenue.com.