Our service offering

A healthy, strong green technology industry in Canada is our goal – supporting your project with customized solutions and quality services our contribution. We therefore appreciate the opportunity of working with you and are pleased to provide the following services to your project

  • Liaison and project management
  • Engineering services
  • Technology evaluation and analysis
  • Market advisory and access to special machine builders, system integrators, plant builders, technology and service providers
  • Design and manufacturing of custom solutions
  • Spare parts management
  • Local installation and service support
  • HR training
  • Certification and commissioning support


Your benefits

 As a project developer, general contractor, engineering company or financier working in green technology

  • Higher project performance and system reliability
  • Improved return on investments
  • Greater flexibility in feedstock sources
  • In compliance with regulations
  • Access to expert advice and know how

As a municipality providing municipal utility services

  • Increased security of your supplies
  • In compliance with limit values
  • Approval planning and detailed designs
  • Customized components and systems
  • Large supplier base and diversity of solutions
  • Cost savings

As a manufacturer or logistics provider

  • Access to new markets and clients
  • Improved design and manufacturing processes
  • Diversified product line
  • Diversification into new business areas
  • Sales growth


To learn more about services and solutions related to the topic of "Our service offering", please contact mail@greentechavenue.com.