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The world of green technology is diverse and complex. Each project is unique and must be treated as such. Different climatic situations, project requirements or environmental standards need to be addressed and unique technical challenges overcome. Many off-the shelf products or turn-key-solutions fall short, turn out inefficient or ineffective when it comes to solving your specific project challenges.

To achieve maximum project return and system performance, highest quality, reliability and service is key to success. It’s often just a small detail making the difference – but over the course of a 20 year life cycle, it can be the difference between winning and losing.

The question to ask is: “what the best solution would look like and how a maximum performance over an entire project life cycle can be secured”. By setting the benchmark higher, you’ll see the gap and understand what actions need to be taken. Because in green technology as in life, “you have to try the impossible to achieve the possible”. Mastering the environmental challenges of the 21st century? a task next to impossible – but good things happen when you go for it!

At GREENTEC AVE. we believe that key to success are neither the popular standards nor award-winning brands. It’s rather the hidden champions – the detail oriented special machine builders, component constructors and the restless engineers and scientists working late nights in their small workshops and labs, making things work.

Quality in green technology is created, when environmental technology and science of highest process maturity, process and automation engineering, safety technology and special machinery manufacturing come together as one. It’s the customized solution, individually manufactured to your specifications and needs; made by women or men thinking about your project challenges and often using an unorthodox path.

Following this line of thought, we are pleased to support your project, to keep your workforce safe and make our industry proud. Utmost respect to all people putting trust and energy in a new project and trying to make a difference – those we consider “the men and women in the arena”, and credit belongs to them.


We selected a couple of project summaries using Membrane Technology for Renewable Power Generation as well as the Containment of Wastewater and to showcase applications in different kind of industry sectors and countries.


Composting Facilities

Richmond Composting Facility
Richmond, BC



Regional Landfill
Vancouver Island, BC


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant


Case Study

To present our latest product and service offering for the Canadian municipal wastewater treatment sector, please find in this section information on real-world projects in operation and in case study format. Content of presented case studies produced by our company and in close consultation with affiliated business partners.

Biological Treatment of Wastewater in SBR configuration

Municipal Sector

Biological Treatment of Wastewater in SBR configuration
Project Location: Europe

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